Sarte believes in having convenience as one of its priorities. Sarte Imperial aims at keeping it working process sweet and simple for providing a smooth experience to its user. Click on learn more, so we can help make our working process simpler to you.
Sarte Imperial, through it’s five major domains, aims at making your dreams a reality.
Nutrition To Life:
Nutrition To Life is Sarte Imperial’s food and nutrition brand. NTL has various plans and services for its customers, to read about our plans and services check out our “About Us” page. Focussing on the working of NTL. Whenever a customer wants to make a purchase online or offline, the customer is facilitated by his nearest NTL outlet. On every order, the customer is provided with an order number which can be used for further reference and the customer’s convenience.  Whenever a customer makes a purchase online, his order is received at the nearest NTL outlet and the order is delivered at his doorstep with a free delivery service on an order value of a maximum of 250 rupees, within the range of 10 km from the store. For delivery in areas beyond 10 km from the store, the customer will be charged a nominal amount of 4 rupees per kilometer.
Nutrition To Life’s subscription plans aims at delegating a unique diet plan to its customer based on their body type and needs.  The customer, after subscribing to our diet plan is provided with our special meal boxes on a regular basis. The delivery service’s pricing stays the same for our subscription plans too.
The Cheat Weekend aims at making nutrition fun. For enjoying our cheat meals at weekends the customer needs to pay 800 rupees and in exchange, the customer is provided with unlimited food and enjoyment at their nearest NTL outlet.
The fun part isn’t limited to our Cheat Weekend. NTL cherishes it’s customer’s good times and which day is better than your birthday? So NTL offers to be a part of your celebration by contributing a little to your special day. So when you choose to celebrate your birthday at an NTL store NTL provides you with a 1 pound cake on an order of 1500 rupees and with an additional pound of cake on every 1500 rupees spent.
So if you choose to lead a healthy lifestyle, choose Nutrition To Life.
Investment Bazaar:
Investment Bazaar is an Investment service by Sarte Imperial. Investment Bazaar lets you invest in a business person’s business assets. Business assets refer to the product or the articles that a business person can sell to gain profits. Investors are allowed to invest their money in a business person’s business assets. And when the business person gains profit on those business assets the investor receives his share of the profit. Talking in numbers, the minimum share that a business person needs to return to his investor is a minimum of 8% of his profits. Sounds simple, right? Well, that’s what we are here for, making investment simpler for you.
Doctor’s Door:
Doctor’s Door is Sarte Imperial health and medical services branch. Doctor’s Door aims at providing medical security to its customers. For more information on our services head to our “About Us” section. 
Da Vinci Surgical System is equipped with 3D HD vision which is the most advanced platform available for minimally invasive surgery. It provides a superior 3D visualization for an ergonomic and precision rich surgical experience.
Cyberknife Robotic Radiosurgery System allows the patients to complete their treatment in a period of one to five days, unlike conventional radiation therapy treatment which takes weeks to complete. The system reduces both the treatment time as well as the side effects associated with conventional radiotherapy.
Cataract Suite comprises an image-guided system along with LASER technologies to perform cataract surgery with precision and accuracy. The cataract suite aims at giving high-end medical eye care.
Doctor’s Door has many more such medical facilities at a nominal rate. So that the patients aren’t exploited financially. For complete medical protection, Doctor’s Door is your solution.