About Us

Sarte Imperial is a multi-dimensional business organization dealing in five major sectors, food, finance, medical, textile and real-estate. Besides these major projects, Sarte has also started its educruitment segment which aims at providing skill-based training and job assistance to the job-seeking candidates. For more, click on learn more.
Sarte Imperial has been bifurcated into five major segments
Nutrition To Life:
Finding the right nutrition has always been important and significant for a healthy and efficient lifestyle. Nutrition to Life is Sarte’s segment which focuses on the food domain through its various products. Nutrition to life or NTL also has a nutrition subscription plan that can be easily subscribed online through our website or offline at our NTL stores. Nutrition To Life also offers a consultancy service for helping you find the right balance in your diet. And it doesn’t stop here NTL also has a weekend cheat meal offer to find a perfect balance for your taste buds and your gut. So if you choose to lead a healthy lifestyle, choose Nutrition To live.
Investment Bazaar:
Investing has never been everyone’s cup of tea but we all know that investing is a necessary element for building a secured life. And that’s where Investment Bazaar comes for your help. Investment Bazaar brings to you an innovative and low-risk investment method. Investment Bazaar lets you invest in a business person’s business assets, business assets are the articles that can be sold by a business person while gaining a profit. And you get your share in that profit in return for your investment. Sounds simple now, right? Well, that’s what we are here for, making investment simpler for you.
Doctor’s Door:
Medical bills have always been hectic and also have put a lot of load on the bearer’s pocket. The doctor’s door is Sarte’s medical segment. Doctor’s Door offers a variety of medical services that aims at reducing a person’s spending on medical affairs. And by spending we don’t only mean money, we are also talking about time. Doctor’s Door offers an online appointment system, medicine delivery service and a doorstep doctor appointing service. Doctor’s Door is a multi-specialty institute based in the Delhi-NCR. With over sixteen hundred beds and twenty-five centers and several world-class medical technologies, Doctor’s Door is your complete medical solution. For complete medical protection, Doctor’s Door is your solution.


Art knows no boundary and that’s the thing about Nehmat. Nehmat is a fashion or textile segment by Sarte Imperial dealing only in Pakistani Suits. Nehmat introduces a wide range of Pakistani suits which are easily available near you. And to achieve easy availability we plan to collaborate with V-mart. V-mart is a leading family fashion store in India. Nehmat aims at removing the boundaries in your wardrobe.
Built Beautiful:
Infrastructure has always been in a growing phase. Built Beautiful is Sarte’s infrastructure division which in talks with Aditya Birla Group for collaboration. Built Beautiful aims at building residential homes, hotels, and hospitals. With Built Beautiful we aim at transforming the world around you into a beautiful place.
So be a part of our family. Because dreams can be real, with Sarte Imperial.